Bloody Comfy Undies Heavy Bikini - Black

SKU: wtgn-blk-10

Bond's Bloody Comfy Heavy Period Undies will be your new go-to for your flow so you can live leak-proof and worry-free

  • Equates to 4 tampons
  • Layered gusset draws away moisture to keep you fresh and dry
  • Odour-neutralising technology lasts wear after wear
  • Replaces liners, pads, tampons, and cups, or be worn as extra protection

How I work:

            Layer 1 Wicks away moisture: rapidly draws out moisture and drys fast

            Layer 2 Super absorbent: equates to 4 tampon's worth minus the bulk

            Layer 3 Second absorbent layer: for those heavier days

            Layer 4 Stops leaks: keeps you and your clothes dry

            Layer 5 Controls odour: So you can feel fresh as a daisy