Sizing Guide

Bra Sizes

How to measure for your correct bra sizing:

3 Step Sizing 

Two measurements are required to determine your correct bra size.

First, place the tape measure underneath the bust, holding it straight and firm around the body. This is best done in front of a mirror with the centimetre side of the tape in view and with your arms down.This measurement is recorded and compared with the second.

Second, In a similar manner, place the measuring tape over the fullest part of the bust, taking care not to squash or distort the bust and ensuring that the tape is kept horizontal to the ground once again.

Third, Compare the difference between these two measurements to calculate your cup size using the table below.

First Under Bust Measurement
65cm Size 8 Bra
70cm Size 10 Bra
75cm Size 12 Bra
80cm Size 14 Bra
85cm Size 16 Bra
90cm Size 18 Bra
95cm Size 20 Bra
100cm Size 22 Bra
105cm Size 24 Bra
Second Comparison Measurement
Difference of 13cm A Cup
Difference of 15cm B Cup
Difference of 17cm C Cup
Difference of 19cm D Cup
Difference of 21cm DD Cup
Difference of 23cm E Cup
Difference of 25cm F Cup
Difference of 27cm G Cup

Remember that the above measurements are a guide only! There are other factors that may affect the bra and cup size. A professional fitting is recommended at least once ayear, if you have recently lost or gained weight and/or if your calculated size is not fitting as expected.

Furthermore, sizing may differ due to the type fabric used to make the bra, the unique styling of a particular bra or just between labels. Please visit a Capri store for a FREE professional fitting as often as you can.

Clothing Sizes

Standard sizing for sleepwear and clothing is listed below, we will advise if a particular item appears to fit differently for any reason.

Size Guide for Fashion Clothing and Sleepwear
  8 10 12 14 16 18
Bust 85cm 90cm 95cm 100cm 105cm 110cm
Waist 65cm 70cm 75cm 80cm 85cm 90cm
Hips 93cm 98cm 103cm 108cm 113cm 118cm